Cheif Minister Of Rajasthan

Shri Ashok Gehlot

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Rajasthan


Rajasthan is the most favored tourist destination and is known for its enterprising people. Recently, with efforts to change the investment climate, many big industries have partnered with Rajasthan in its journey towards resurgence. As significant area of the state falls within the influence area of DMIC, gives me the confidence to say that Rajasthan will soon become a "Global Business Hub". But, this growth cannot be in isolation.

So, this is a call to make Rajasthan Smart, Sustainable & Progressive & contribution of every single person counts in our effort for a Developed Rajasthan.

Industries play a big role in the development of any State. We, in Rajasthan, have realized the power of partnerships, and realize the importance of Corporates in achieving our vision for sustainable prosperity for the people of the State. A key factor in this regard is the CSR aspect. We all know that Community Involvement is a booster for all businesses. Well-planned and properly executed CSR activities go a long way in doing well for the company as well as the people.

Rajasthan is unique in many ways, so the impact created through CSR initiatives could be humongous if they are customized to meet the specific needs of this state. We have identified five thrust areas that are of utmost importance for the holistic development of the State, namely, Water Conservation, Heritage & Handicrafts, Health & Education, Skills and Livelihood and Swachh Bharat.

Industry Minister of Rajasthan

Rajpal Singh Shekhawat

Hon'ble Minister for Industries, Rajasthan


More & more corporates are coming forward for doing socially responsible activities after the implementation on the Companies Act – 2013 as the companies are now required to contribute 2 per cent of their profits to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

However since most of the CSR interventions are small and sporadic they are having a limited impact. So here is platform where all the responsible corporate and individuals can get a very comprehensive and detailed information of how, what, why and where of all the CSR activities that can be undertaken in this state.

So, please come and partner with the government in building a Sustainable & Resurgent Rajasthan!!!

The state government has identified some key areas where it needs support from responsible corporates and individuals. The top on the list is Water Conservation which is the most important resource and need immediate action because it is the key resource for economic development of the state. Besides the government is also looking for partnership from corporates in carrying out activities in the field of Education, Health, Sewerage Water Treatment, Livelihoods & Skills development, Building Sports Academy, Swachh Bharat Campaign Restoration of Heritage and Handicraft in the state and contribution to the Rajasthan Culture Fund.