Additional Infrastructure At Govt Upper Primary School Ordi Distt Chittaurgarh

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    Additional Infrastructure at Govt Upper Primary School Ordi Distt Chittaurgarh

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    June,06 2016

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    December,12 2017

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1. Construction of one additonal new classroom

2. Renovation & Upgradation of Girls & Boys Toilet Block

3. Development of School Yard area

4. Upgradation of Drinking Water facility

5. Renovation of mid day meal kitchen of the school

6. Provison of Solar Power to school for fans, lights, etc.(There is no power connection at the school). 


1. To improve school infrastructure by provideing much needed one additional classroom so as to accomodate students comfortably as the school was short of clkassrooms. Hence one new classroom has been constructed and provided.

2. To provide hygenic sanitation facilities the toilet blocks of Girls & Boys have been totally renovated with proper WCs, water facility with overhead tanks, soak pits, wash bsins etc. The facility was much needed in the school.

3. Drinking water facility has been upgraded with proper water arrangement, sink with taps & tiling, drainage, etc. This is to facilitate safe and clean driniking water water for the students.

4. Mid day meal kitchen has been renovated by providing otta for gas stove, and other facilities.

5. The school yard has been stone tiled for avoiding slush during monsoons and to provide proper place for gatherings, prayer, etc.  This will also enhance cleanliness & hygenic conditions with reduced dust as the area has been covered. 

6. Solar power is envisaged to be provided at the school as there is no power connection at the school for lights, fans, computers, etc. This is in process and shall be provided during 2017-18.