Community Need Based Intervention

Community Need based Intervention
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    Cairn India Limited

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    Community Need based Intervention

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    Skills & Livelihood

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    February,02 2015

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    March,03 2020

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Community interaction and engagement is essential to ensure business continuity. We engage and communicate with the villagers directly to ensure that trust is established and we get their full support and endorsement. Therefore, we started community connect meeting branded as Vikas Mitr Manch. This particular project helps in meeting both the needs of the community which comes through Vikas Mitr Manch and request from various other department at district and block level of Barmer & Jalore district, in order to manage the day-to-day business. CIL is constantly in touch with various stakeholders which majorly includes both local community as well as the district administration. During these meetings various demands are been presented to Cairn. Post examining the demands, only the genuine ones in adherence to the guiding principles the demands are taken up. Few of the examples are - distribution of saplings, roof water harvesting structure at school, support to people affected by earthquake at Nepal, renovating traditional well, roof water harvesting structure at schools, distribution of saplings, awareness on safe water drinking etc. and the request that comes through district administration like repairing mike at conference room at District Collectors room, water kiosk at collectorate campus, extending support to police station by providing traffic barricade etc. Guidelines for evaluating such micro need based project (NBP) • Benefit should be to local community (village or larger section) as a whole (and not for few individuals) • Maximum contribution from Cairn per project is INR 100,000/- Bigger project can be taken if community contributes or we take separate approval • Partial contribution from community to the extent possible. • Projects fit into one of our themes: education, health, livelihood, sanitation, water, sports, etc. Governance Process • The demand must come from villagers and through common district level forum in writing • Project will be evaluated as per the above guideline and business linkage • NGO partner will do survey and submit the estimate. • Estimate will be validated internally and signed by GM or Head CSR • After the project actual expense is submitted with the supporting bills with photos. • One of our CSR team member or a separate chartered engineer will visit to verify the actual work along with photo. • Actual expense bill will be signed by GM or Head CSR. • Payments to be made based on completion of each support provided verification done by one of the CSR team member and the same is approved by Head CSR or GM. List of activities undertaken under Micro Need Based Project are: 1 Awareness on Safe Drinking Campaign through Jal Rath covered more than 50 villages for continuously 3 months. 2 Roof water harvesting structures in 2 schools at the request of the community in Bhakarpura & Ratanpura 3 Sitting arrangement at Barmer Court and bus stand by fixing steel chairs 4 As a part of Republic Day Celebration, supported Sports Event celebrated at district level 5 Renovation of traditional well at Baitu Bhopji through community contribution 6 Distribution of saplings to children 7 Supporting state level Junior Badminton Tournament 8 Encouraging women to have their own entrepreneur skill by providing 10 sewing machine 9 Painting & minor renovation work done at Conference Room of District Collector office 10 Supported police department by providing 10 police barricade 11 Baby day-care center for working women at Jalore 12 Supplied drinking water at “Tilwara Cattle Camp” for 13 Established Kiosk and provided access to clean and safe drinking water for public visiting District Collector Office Campus 14 Equipped Collector Office VIP Conference room with new advanced mike system and moved the existing one to another conference room 15 Intensive road/pipeline safety campaign at pipeline villages of Jalore district through trained local folk team 16 Extended traditional welcome support during Chief Minister of Rajasthan and vernacular team visit to CEC


a. To ensure that along with the long term projects, community and other stakeholders can reach out to Cairn for sharing their genuine needs. b. To enhance the image of Cairn to be a responsible corporate