Dairy Development Programme

Dairy Development Programme
Dairy Development Programme
Dairy Development Programme
Dairy Development Programme
Dairy Development Programme
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    Cairn India Limited

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    Dairy Development Programme

    Project Category

    Skills & Livelihood

  • Project Start Date

    March,03 2007

    Project End Date

    March,03 2020

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The Dairy Development Project started in 2007 as a part of the Cairn IFC linkage programme. This was a time when the business had a lot of adulterated milk, less remunerative prices, awareness level on animal care and fodder practices were low. Things have gradually changed over the years with more women involved nowadays in dairy farming and related activities, farmers have become more aware about the factors that influence price, animal care is being regarded as an important activity and overall a better price is being generated. SURE has been working in this project since its inception. Seeing the progress achieved in the project both qualitative and quantitative, in 2014 Cairn decided to further strengthen the project but involving the NGO partner SURE in working with dairy farmers and linking them with various programmes and schemes of this project as well as that of the government and SARAS so as to enable the farmers get a good return. Veterinary Services, fodder support, breed improvement programmes, provisioning of Milk coolers, managing milk collection centres, capacity building of dairy farmers in managing cooperatives and its related activities are some of the key actions of this project. SURE does all the above mention activities by taking the help of dairy farmers and volunteers. The key objective would be to increase procurement for the cooperatives and add value to what the farmer usually gets. Community Engagement is the underlying objective which CIL would ensure. So far through we have reached to produce 9,000 ltr/day at more than 25rs per lit, and touched more than 20,000 people through various interventions under DDP.



i) Increase total milk production to 7.5K. ii) Government Diary diversifying ensuring better return to farmers. iii) Enhance productivity through training, veterinary care, etc. iv) Formation of SHG’s to elevate the economic status of cattle raising population, majorly women