Establishing Self Sustainable Gaushalas In The State

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    Directorate Gopalan JAIPUR

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    Establishing Self Sustainable Gaushalas in the State

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Background :-In context to cattle population in India, Rajasthan stands at 6th number (As per livestock census 2019,) which is about 13.90 million of total cattle population of India. These cattle are either productive or unproductive in context of milk production. The productive cattle are reared and fed by animal owners as a source of income by selling milk and once the cattle is dry these are abandoned by animal owner. A large number of such unproductive cattle, counts approximately more than 1 million which are being taken care by certain number of charitable institutions such as Gaushalas.
At present there are more than 3100 registered gaushalas in the state which provide shelter to animals. These Gaushala institutions are basically charitable organization/socities which raise donations from local people , for these abandoned cattle for their fodder and managing housing shelters. 
 In present scenario, State government provides financial aid to these Gaushala institutions for the purpose of feeding, of abandoned cattle for a period of 6months per year since 2016 along with making necessary arrangement for housing and management for same. Along this provision, State government intends to support these Registered Gaushalas to establish them as business enterprises by funding these institutions in the direction of making them self-reliant. 

Work Description:-To deploy state government vision to make these charitable institutions a self dependent enterprises, Directorate Gopalan, Jaipur proposed a project namely Chief Minister Gaushala And Nandishalas Swablamban Yojana funded by interested companies enlisted on CSR Rajasthan Portal. This project consist of 28 different component in four section viz. value addition of milk, cowdung, urine and panchgavya.
The project proposes purchase and establishment of necessary equipment’s and machinery required for manufacturing of cow milk, urine and dung value added byproducts. Funds for these machinery and equipment's etc. will be incurred by CSR Funds. As these institutions run over donations funds availability for purchase of such machinery will be a financial burden to them, and also since last year of Covid19  pandemics donations have shrunk to maximum and it is now the question of survival of these poor cattle. So by helping these institutions in the proposed manner could make these institutions self dependent one.



The project have the following objectives as follows:-
1. Dependibility for donation to run gaushalas by local eminent people and government will gradually cease and these institutions will be self reliant in long run.

2. These institutions could be a source of making Best out of waste if supported financially and trained in the direction of manufacturing enterprises in the field of value added products such as organic manure, biogas, vermin-compost, cow dung-wood, Panchgvaya and various milk by products.

3. Sponsoring these institution will also render employment in local areas, as well as will help in reduce pollution in the environment. 

4. And most importantly these ignored unproductive cattle will gradually maintain their worth by being productive, which were previously abondoned by the society.

5. Accidents due to Cattle run over will be reduced.

6. Use of organic manure, biogas will reduce pollution and will turn to enviornment friendly agricultural practices.