Rachna Project

Rachna Project
Rachna Project
Rachna Project
Rachna Project
Rachna Project
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    Cairn India Limited

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    Rachna Project

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    December,12 2013

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    March,03 2020

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Cairn India has started an initiative to strengthen the govt. health facilities along with a key focus on improving the IMR and MMR ratio of the district, impacting the mother and child health. RACHNA project (started as Community Integrated Health Initiative Project) focuses on preventive healthcare in four blocks of Barmer and aims to achieve • Immunization for all child (currently immunization rate is 68.1%) • Reduction of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) by 40% over the 5 years; both the indicators are key element of socio-economic development and Millennium Development Goals. Currently IMR of target area stands at 70/1000 births and our objective is to bring it down to 42 by 2018. Similarly MMR stands at 222/1 lac live births and our target is 133 by 2018. Such improvement will put Barmer significantly ahead of other districts. • Menstrual Hygiene – ensure the access and usage of Sanitary napkin • Improving Anganwadi centers for child nutrition and mother health • Education and training of govt. health care workers (ASHA, ANM, Anganwadi workers)


This project is executed in partnership with the District Health Department, Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), Women and Child Development Department. Government is the primary service provider and Cairn provides facilitation, training, tangible support to health centers, and catalytic intervention such as Self Help Group run Sanitary Pad Production. Goal of Project RACHNA is to contribute to significant reductions in maternal and infant mortality and improve menstrual hygiene and reproductive health of adolescent girls and women in Barmer district with overall objective in bringing down alarming state of current IMR/MMR in Barmer to 10%/annum and by end of five year contributes in achieving ambitious target of 40% in its target block. The project started with pilot period as Phase – 1 for 15 months i.e. from December 2013 to February 2015 later continued till June 2015. This extension of pilot period was mainly due to slight delay in sourcing talent team on board. Following table details the macro activities set for 5 years.


To achieve this Millennium Development Goal, the core thematic area of this Project RACHNA is to target Maternal and Child health, Neonatal health, Family Planning (RH) and Adolescent health (MH) having following key objectives- a. Leveraging Government institutions and structures by strengthening government’s service delivery system and convergence forum. b. Improving gender-relations and engagement of men and boys at household in supporting behavior change. c. Strengthen community engagement for demand generation and to hold service providers accountable while building their capacities d. Improve access to quality products and services for better menstrual hygiene and reproductive health of adolescent girls and women