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    July,07 2014

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    March,03 2016

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We conducted PRA and found that the Banswara district is covered by Aravali Hills, Which is started from Panchamahal district Gujarat to Gurgaon of Haryana State. These areas are highly affected from fluoride contamination of Ground Water. The 1 PPM fluoride is essential for body, but more than 1 PPM is harmful for body and it does create chronic fluorosis disease.

The Banswara district is highly affected from fluoride contamination of ground water. The availability of fluoride is 1 PPM to 3 PPM and many people are suffering from fluorosis disease, which cannot be removed by medicine. Only precaution is the option to control it. The effect of the disease is very slow due to that community cannot easily observe it, many peoples have been handicapped, many women’s are facing internal problems, Children’s are week and anaemic. 

We engaged local NGO for implementing De-Fluoridations concepts in nearby villages of plants with expert team. NGO organised training program to create awareness for fluoride less drinking water to avoid from chronic disease i.e. flrosis through expert faculties. We established Re-generation and counselling centre at Nokhla village

We had to face many difficulties to mobilize community to adopt this concept for avoiding cause of flrosis disease. The test of this water is somewhat bitter than normal water so they initially not accepted. We regularly counseled/motivated them and change their perception. After that 30 villagers ready to adopt this concept. We provided De-Fluoridation kit to the said 30 farmers and monitoring door to door for regularly to being them habitual.      

At firstly we prepared a sample structure of the De-fluoridation system with filter bucket & activated alumina powder and gave demonstration to the villagers that how it removes the fluoride contain from drinking water. After that we distributed De-Fluoridation kit to the selected villagers. We are monitoring on daily basis and Re-generating the alumina in every three month.                                                                                    

Community has been aware about the effect of fluoride contain in drinking water. They are using the de-fluoridation systems & regenerating alumina timely for prevention from flrosis disease. After the impact of benefited peoples of Kushalpura Panchayat, other Panchayat Surpanch and village representative requested us to implement the system in their village also. On basis of demand and awareness between communities we are continuing the activity for improving the health of peoples.      


To provide fluoride less drinking water facility to the rural people of nearby villages for avoiding the fluorosis disease and their healthy life.