Shree Swachhata Project

Shree Swachhata Project
Shree Swachhata Project
Shree Swachhata Project
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    Shree Cement Limited

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    Shree Swachhata Project

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    Swachh Bharat

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    April,04 2016

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    March,03 2017

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With an aim to make our operational areas Open Defecation Free with the collective support of Shree Swachhata Project of S.C.L & Swachh Bharat Mission of GOI and District Administration, Pali various community mobilization initiatives such as Awareness program, Village level rallies/ Campaigns, I.E.C materials distribution, Mason training on Low Cost Toilet Model e. t. c have been done for making villages “Open Defecation Free”

We are mobilizing people through various mediums such as Door to Door contact, organizing regular meetings with PRI member’s, key persons & villagers, creating vigilance committee at village level for checking Open Defecation, Caps & Pamphlet distribution to school children etc.

We have also identified masons for training on Low Cost Leach Pit Model and local motivators who come in direct contact with families and communities.

1) Motivating through I.E.C Materials

We are sensitizing community through use of various I.E.C materials for generating awareness among villagers for sanitation & personal hygiene.

Following I.E.C materials have been distributed among villagers:-

  1. Swachhta Leaflets
  2. Caps having message on Sanitation
  3. Pocket Diaries having message on Sanitation & personal hygiene
  4. Flexes/ Banners having message on Social, Cultural and Religious concerns.
  5. Slogan writing on walls

For sensitizing community we are also providing cleaning items as Gift to those identified families who are using their Toilets regularly & keeping it clean

2) Inauguration of Shree Swachhta Calendar 2017

We have also designed Shree Swachhta Calendar covering almost all the aspects of personal hygiene and sanitation in daily life.

The Calendar was inaugurated by V.P (P&A) and DEO-Paili Sh. Gordhanlal Suthar at Upper Primary School, Naharpura. We have distributed approx. 5000 calendar in nearby villages and Govt. Schools.  This has dispersed the message about prominence of sanitation in every household.

3) Mason Training Program on Low-Cost Toilet Model at Mesiya and Ramawas

Two day Training program for Masons of nearby vilalges are organized to develop & upgrade their technical skills on construction of Low-cost Toilet Model – “Leach Pit”

Sh. Shiv Ram Meghwal (Master Trainer-Toilet Design) guided masons on technical knowledge for “Leach-Pit Model”. The overall toilet construction cost is Rs 12000/- at community/ individual household level.

This will promote & encourage underserved rural household access to sanitation facilities as it is cost effective. This will eventually lead to realize goal of “Open Defecation Free”.

A “Leach-Pit Model” as demo is built under the supervision of trainer at different locations.

Till now total 15 Mason Trainings have been organized and more than 300 masons have been benefitted.

4) School Level Awareness Generation activities

With an emphasis on awareness creation for Sanitation & Personal hygiene in houses & schools we are organizing rallies, meetings with students, their parents & school staffs, Pamphlets distribution etc. under Shree Swachhata Project.

We are enabling & developing school children as “Swachhata Doot” aimed at motivating their families & neighbors for adopting better hygiene practices.

Till now approx. 4000 children have been sensitized in nearby Govt. schools of four Panchayats & are determined for making their village “Open Defecation Free”.

5) Awareness generation through Slogan writing on walls

With an emphasis on awareness creation in villages we have sensitized community through Slogan Writing on walls at every important locations of all four adopted panchayats.

Slogans are having message on importance of sanitation, personal hygiene in daily life & dignity of women.

Declaration of Babra Gram Panchyat “Open Defecation Free”

A proposal was passed by Sarpanch, PRI members, villagers and other natural leaders of panchayat in Gram Sabha meeting headed by Sarpanch and Gram sewak on 25.02.2016 for declaring Babra as “Open Defecation Free”.

Subsequent to this proposal a team from Raipur block level and Zila Parishad came for authentication of Open defecation free status and further declaring Babra as “Open Defecation Free” panchayat.

During their visit to household, schools and other community facilities in village following things were cross checked by them to verify the claim of ODF: -

  • Presence of total households in community. 
  • Confirmed the total number of latrines in the community and how many households use them. Latrines are well maintained or not and Hand washing facilities are available in or near the latrines.
  • Checked the closeness of latrines to the drinking ground water sources- e.g borehole and dug well (Note: the acceptable distance between drinking water source and latrine is 30 meters/100ft)
  • Visited all former open defecation sites, bushes close to homesteads and general environment for faeces
  • Visited the schools, health centers for confirming availability of separate toilets, hand washing facilities and urinal

After having all checked and confirmed successfully they declared Babra “Open Defecation Free” and an official certificate from Zila Parishad – Pali will be very soon awarded to panchayat.

Subsequent to this declaration of ODF reward amount of Rs. 2400000/- (Rupees Twenty Four Lakhs only) will be also given to panchayat to undertake various cleanliness activities and uphold the status of ODF.


To support the government's mission to create a clean India and promote health and hygiene in nearby communities.