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Smile on Wheel
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    Relaxo Footwears Limited

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    Smile on Wheel

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    August,08 2017

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    August,08 2020

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With 1.34 billion inhabitants, India is the world’s second largest country (Ministry of Home Affairs, 2011) and it is not surprising that it accounts for a significant share of the global burden of disease. Chronic disease results in death in 36% of cases in India, while 36% of deaths are caused by communicable diseases, maternal and prenatal complications and nutritional deficiencies; one fifth of pregnancy-related deaths and one quarter of child deaths in the world happen in India (WHO 2009). These conditions as well as the organization of health care are deeply related to the size of the country, both in terms of geography and population. Furthermore, social factors such as gender, caste, wealth, and education importantly shape social stratification and thereby great inequalities in access and quality of health care.


Healthcare in India, particularly for the underserved section has always been an issue. The routine health check- up for people is not a priority, non- affordability of health service, poor infrastructure and growing population are few of the critical issues that the country is grappling with on the health front.


Economically weaker section of the society are at risk from a wide range of health problems and when they become ill they are often reluctant to seek treatment. Lack of money, lack of accessibility and dysfunctional healthcare system forces them to suffer in silence. Poor health causes them to miss work, creating new financial problems. Increased poverty further endangers their health and that of their families, and the cycle continues.

On 17th August 2017, the Relaxo Foundation launched its first Mobile Medical Unit in Bhiwadi. Smile on Wheels is a mobile hospital to bring curative, preventive and promotive healthcare services to the doorsteps of the underprivileged families in 14 rural villages of the Bhiwadi. The hospital is equipped with the doctor, free medicines, and diagnostic services (Blood/Urine test & ECG). Relaxo Foundation in partnership with the Smile Foundation will implement this program for three consecutive years and will provide medical treatment to approx. 15000 people annually.


Project Goal

To meet primary healthcare needs of underprivileged population in the villages / slums of identified location through curative, preventive and promotive services at their doorsteps.

Project Objective

  • Provide primary healthcare services to underprivileged in the identified villages / slums of Biwadi, Haryana through Mobile Medical Unit (MMU)
  • Health awareness (IEC and BCC) activities to generate the demand and promote preventive measures to improve health seeking behaviour
  • Develop linkages with nearby Government Health Institution / Private clinics / Nursing homes / Health Centres for referral services