Tribal Self Rule Initiative

Tribal Self Rule Initiative
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    ActionAid Association

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    Tribal Self Rule Initiative

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    Rural Development Project

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    July,07 2005

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    December,12 2014

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Programme covered 55 villages under Abu road block of Shirohi district, Rajasthan.Empowerment of Tribal communities and community organisations ensuring their sustainability, alliance building in Strengthening the CBOs and their work for advocacy on forest rights, promotion and campaign for alternative livelihood models, development of sustainable agriculture in forest region etc., were focal issues of JCS.  Programmes were supported under NF addressing issues related to Capacity building of Tribal CBOs.


The objective of the project 

1) To strengthen the local governance for the tribal community

2) Empowerment of tribal communities in terms of access and control over the resources.

3) Protection and promotion of tribal culture, identity and indegeneous knowledge

4) Promote the local options for the livelihood of the tribal community. Like collection of minor forest produce and traditional agricultural practices