Hindustan Zinc Mining Academy

Hindustan Zinc Mining Academy
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    Hindustan Zinc Limited

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    Hindustan Zinc Mining Academy

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    Skills & Livelihood

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    September,09 2016

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Hindustan Zinc Mining Academy started its journey in the year 2014 under banner of HZL-CSR with a ‘Vision’ to develop and create a pool of highly specialized skilled candidates by positive selection of local youth and structured their training process in underground mining critical equipment operational areas.

In 2014-15, Academy helped 32 local youth in getting meaningful employment in mining sector through its 6 Months Residential Program on HEMM Jumbo Drill Operator’s & Underground Mining Equipment Operation in two districts i.e. Gulabpura and Rajsamand in joint collaboration with NGO-Partners in Development Initiatives & Training Partner - IISD, Gurgaon.  

Continuing the journey and learnings, Hindustan Zinc Mining Academy now have started 18 Months Residential Program on Jumbo Drill operators and has its 6th Batch of 120 candidates on board in Jan 2019. The academy received 3700 applications for the sixth Jumbo Drill Operator program. There is hardly any counselling required as the students are well aware about the program and interest to get in is very high. 


To provide Underground Mines Development program to local youths of Hindnustan Zinc's operational areas