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    ActionAid Association

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    Women Empowerment

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    June,06 2004

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    December,12 2013

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ActionAid Association is working in Rajasthan since 2001. Since beginging we are running a campaign to stop violence against women. This campaign is able to reflect on different forms of violence faced by women and girls in their life cycle. Since birth girl child is being killed in the womb and deprived of her right to be born as a normal human being. Sex selective abortion is an important factor contributing to the declining sex ratio in the state. To combat this we led a campaign on awareness about PCPNDT(Pre conception and pre natal Diagnostic techniques). The project was with the name of "Chahat hain Jeene ki". This was conducted in Dholpur( 12 gram panchayats), Karoli, Bharatpur, Duasa,Jhalawaar  districts of Rajasthan. The selected districts were lowest in sex ratio from past many years in Rajasthan. The project was implemented in different phases, in the initial phase capable people were identified who could advocate for this issue.The second phase focussed on building people's institution so that they can advocate with district administration and policy makers. In the third phase a local CBO with name " Jago Sakhi Sangathan" was formed. In the fourth phase gender legal information cell was extended through the establishment of women support centers in police stations. In Daulpur itself 13223 females and 5157 males have participated in community level meetings. 661 children from Dhaulpur were sensitized on gender justice.

A community groups of " Jago Sakhi Sangathan" was formed and the group was vigilant against sex determination tests in medical clinics.They were intrumental in making community aware about the laws prevalining to curb sex selctive abortion.Various stakeholders were involved under this programme.The programme has also facilitated access to various government schemes on food, livelihood security for women and girls from poor and marginalised communities in 100 villages. It has made active functioning of gram sabhas taking into views of women belonging to the villages where the programme was implemented.

Through this project 12 districts PCPNDT cell was made functional with the help of fellows. A study on adverse sex ratio was conducted in Abu Road. With the help of Government scheme Janani Suraksha Yojna 266 mothers have recieved benefit. 





The objective of the project was ;

The vision of the project was realisation of violence free society in which women and men enjoys equal rights and opportunities.

1)Improvement in sex ratio by briging and end to the violence and injustice faced by women and girl children.

2)Sensitisation and awareness generation of community members in regard to gender unequality, patriarchy, violence and discrimination associated with the same.